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Premium Organic Bowl Set- Lamer Series

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  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh
  • Quality: A Class


  • Delivery Period:
  • 72 Hours inside Dhaka City
Our Premium Organic Bowl Set from the Lamer Series will take your eating experience to the next level.

The superb craftsmanship of the premium organic bowl set collection ensures that it combines form and function while still being environmentally friendly, making it an ideal choice for any dining room or kitchen.

The organic, high-quality components in this set ensure each dish will last for years. Knowing the natural recipe is safe will reassure you and your family.

Our biodegradable bowls made from renewable materials demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Our Lamer Series is eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or appearance. Fits appetizers, desserts, salads, soups, spaghetti, and more. These microwave- and dishwasher-safe dishes can be used daily. Every bowl is elegant and ergonomic for comfort. The clever design boosts stability and prevents spills, boosting meals.

Which Sigma Series Fits?

  • The bowls’ vibrant finish will improve your home decor and meals.
  • These organic dishes let you consume anything without damaging your body.
  • Sustainable: Improve the world with our organic bowl set.
  • The Exclusive Multicolor Organic Bowl Set is beautiful and functional, making it ideal for housewarmings, weddings, and other special occasions.

Showcase your cooking skills and encourage sustainability with the Lamer Series Exclusive Multicolor Organic Bowl Set.

Order now to enjoy the perfect balance of aesthetics, ecological, and practicality.

Product Name: Lamer Organic Bowl Set
Color: Sea Green, Wine, Ash, Cinnamon
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Quality: A Class
Material: Ceramic
Safety Features:   
     Heat Endurance:
  • Oven Proof and
  • Thermal Shock Resistant   

     Durability Assurance:

    • Dishwasher Safe and
    • Abrasion/Scratch Resistant

3 Pcs Set : BDT.2300 1650

Product composition

  • Large Bowl 20cm
  • Medium Bowl 16cm,
  • Small  Bowl 13cm


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